Consulting IT

Our experience will help you in choosing the right IT solution, and professionalism in adapting it to your needs and possibilities. We will help you manage the entire IT infrastructure of the company.

The main areas of activity of our consultants are:

  • remote service of individual computers in the company's network - you don't need IT on site, which ensures significant savings;
  • selection of software supporting company management;
  • selection of workstations and servers adapted to the needs of the company;
  • selection of operating systems - Linux, Windows, Novell;
  • help in choosing new IT solutions;
  • effective remote assistance for computer users;
  • IT training - remote and at the company's headquarters.

Equipment Selection

We offer you the best on the market and necessary hardware solutions in the IT industry. We work with equipment suppliers of all leading ICT companies. We provide full service and care for selected equipment. Each offer will be tailored exactly to your needs and possibilities.

Our offer includes:

  • selection of hardware solutions necessary for the construction and maintenance of computer networks;
  • selection of personal computers, servers, laptops and palmtops (portable computers) as well as GPS positioning systems (individual and fleet solutions);
  • a selection of hardware solutions to ensure the security of your company's IT resources;
  • selection of equipment for expansion and maintenance of the telecommunications infrastructure.
  • the financial settlement system tailored to your individual needs gives you the opportunity to save money.

Scope of the offer:

Computer Networks

A properly and efficiently functioning computer network is no luxury - it is a condition of your success. We will provide you with the selection of all equipment and devices necessary for trouble-free operation of the company's computer network.

Our offer includes:

  • wiring chosen according to actual technical conditions;
  • web servers - along with their configuration and maintenance - based on free Unix solutions;
  • setting up and configuring Virtual Private Networks;
  • diagnostics of cabling and network devices;
  • active devices and passive networks.

We provide connection, commissioning, configuration and maintenance of purchased equipment. We adapt the offer to your needs and possibilities.

Computers and GPS

We offer you the optimal selection of computer equipment and GPS positioning systems. You will find that performing everyday duties can be less troublesome and much more enjoyable.

Our offer includes:

  • laptops - laptops;
  • PDAs - pocket computers;
  • individual GPS systems - no more wandering around by car and paper city maps;
  • GPS fleet systems - car protection against theft and control and settlement of vehicle operating costs will allow for great savings;
  • personal computers;
  • web servers;
  • multiprocessor servers;

We will adapt the equipment offer to your needs and possibilities.


Securing your IT resources is our priority. We select and configure equipment ensuring the security of computer systems and networks.

Our offer includes:

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) - sending data via an encrypted channel;
  • firewalls protecting against hacker attacks and Internet viruses;
  • configuring NAT masquerades to distribute Internet access to multiple computers and organize a secure internal network;
  • UPS power backup systems;/li>

We will adapt every offer to your needs.


Well-organized telephone communication is a guarantee of big savings in your company. We provide you with our extensive experience in selecting the most appropriate equipment.

Our offer includes:

  • telephone exchanges;
  • Call Center systems;
  • structured cabling.
  • reducing telecommunications costs.
  • data links and internet.

We guarantee connection, commissioning and maintenance of purchased equipment.